Sky Quest Charters Tree Care, LLC Is Adding Lawn Care to Its Repertoire

Sky Quest Charters Tree Care is pleased to announce that as of next month (May, 2016) it will be adding lawn care to its list of capabilities.

Sky Quest Charters, of course, is arguably the most famous of all the tree care companies in the greater metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado.

What has made it so famous is, first of all, the remarkable skill in tree care it has demonstrated so reliably, year after year, over all the decades it has been in business.

Sky Quest Charters has been in business ever since the spring of 1960. It was founded by the brothers James and Whitson Whitesides, and was originally called “Northwest Denver Tree Care.”

In the 1970s, however, the brothers changed the name of their company to “Sky Quest Charters Tree Care.”

It was, many said, a very strange name for a tree care company, but the brothers insisted that it wasn’t strange at all. Their business, they said, was nothing less than climbing to the tops of the tallest trees and trimming them or pruning them or cutting them down. What else, they said, would you call those who climbed to the top of the tallest trees than people who were on a “sky quest?”

And as for the “charters” part, well, that’s what their customers did, the brothers said; they chartered the people who were on a sky quest to work for them—to trim their trees, or shape them, or prune them, or cut them down.

Over the years people in Denver got used to the name. And the more people heard it, the better they liked it. And in the end that was the second big reason the company became the most famous tree care company in Denver: simply because of their name.

Sky Quest Charters, it turned out, was a very memorable name for a tree care company. It was a name, literally, that people could remember.

And now Sky Quest Charters Tree Care is going into lawn care.